13 Natural Stress Relief Products For Anyone!

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When you’re stressed out, what do you turn to relieve it? Allow me to open your mind to some different ideas that may be cheaper and more effective.  I’ve got 13 natural stress relief products you’re going to want to check out.

Natural Stress Relief Products

What to look for in natural stress relief products

There are a lot of stress relief products out there… as there should be. Everyone is different in how they relieve stress. Sure you could pay big bucks for a prescription but it will probably give you all kinds of side effects. Who needs more problems? Let’s check out these natural stress relief products to see if one fits you!

What do I mean by “natural”?

What I mean by natural is non-medicated. And what I mean by non-medicated is simply nothing that is consumed into your body; this includes medication, anti-inflammatory pills, alcohol, drugs (of course), and food. Yep, “natural” doesn’t mean a pint of ice cream. When it comes to natural stress relief products, I’m talking about products that get your mind at ease simply by doing something.

13 Natural Stress Relief Products

1 – Epson Salts

Draw a tub with soothing Epson salts. Epson salts are inexpensive and can help your muscles relax in an easy way. Stress can cause all sorts of muscle issues and imbalances. End your day in a hot tub with a cup full of Epson salts. Permit your body to soak and to let the tension go. Epson salts can be found in most grocery stores and pharmacies. You can find scented salts with essential oils or non-scented. They run about $5 a bag.

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2 – Massage Ball

As I said, stress can cause our muscles to tighten up, twist, and knot. With a little pressure pressed on those tight muscles or trigger points, you can get instant relief. A physical therapist can really get in there and relieve the tightness. But if you can’t get into the PT, try a massage ball. I absolutely love the massage ball I have and use it twice a day. You can get it for about $15 and it’s worth every penny! Note, a tennis ball is not the same.

3 – Music

Instrumental music is an extremely effective way to relax. Find a track, particularly instrumental music; whether it be piano, jazz, bluegrass, or acoustic guitar, find your stress relief jam and keep it handy! When I personally get stressed I turn to Soaking in His Presence by William Augusto. He does such a great job of putting me in the right frame of mind. This music is also amazing to pray with.

4 – Boxing bag

Get some aggression out and throw some punches at a boxing bag. It not only relieves stress, but it gives you a workout at the same time. Boxing improves strength, improves your balance and stability, and helps you build endurance. Heck, you might even lose weight! Check out your neighborhood sales or Marketplace for deals. Amazon has boxing stands for under $60 or you can go with the classic boxing bag or a speed bag. Lots of options! Don’t forget the gloves.

Along with boxing, any general exercise could be your go-to for reducing stress. There’s nothing like a good run or long bike ride. Get your heart pumping and mind clear with at least 30 minutes of exercise. To make your run more enjoyable, be sure to have the proper running shoes based on your feet. As for the long bike ride, invest in some biking shorts and reflective gear.

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5 – Scents

The essential oil craze is still going on. Scents take a direct route to the brain. It’s pretty awesome how the smell of something can have such a powerful effect on your mood, memory, and mental health. Just think about the smell of garlic bread, or banana bread for that matter. What about lilacs or roses? Fresh-cut grass, campfires, or burning autumn leaves anyone? Use that nose to help you experience happiness and calm.

6 – Heavy blanket

The weighted blanket does wonders for a lot of people. There is something about the weight of a heavy blanket that gives a sense of security and safety. Heavy blankets are known to reduce anxiety. However, it’s not for everyone.  I tried a weighted blanket and it was personally too heavy for me. A folded quilt is my absolute favorite blanket to sleep or nap with. Before you head out and spend $25+ on a weighted blanket, use what you have in the house, if it’s not heavy enough then start shopping for deals.

7 – Art project

Get your hands busy and your creative juices flowing. Whether it’s coloring, woodworking, or gardening, get your mind focusing on something else. Being creative is an excellent outlet for reducing stress naturally. You could even grab a notebook and start doodling! Essentially find a hobby that you can go to when you feel stress coming on.

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8 – Plants

Having something to take care of gives us a sense of purpose and peace, I’m talking about a houseplant. Green plants are soothing to the eye. Plants promote peace, and healing, and they help you focus. Gardening is a big bonus when it comes to reducing stress, especially if you can see it from your house window. Don’t have space for a garden? No problem. There are numerous planter boxes designed for small spaces for under $13.

9 – Journal

Writing your frustrations down helps you release them from your mind. Stop letting your mind mess with you, get it down on paper instead. There are times when we need to vent. Save your friend’s ear and vent onto paper. Journaling also helps you from saying something stupid if you’re venting. When you have it all written out, pray over it, then destroy it. Give it all to God. Lament if you will. He will hear your cry for help. And His hand is ready to grab yours.

On that note, you can also use your journal as a prayer resource.

10 – Routine

What is one thing that helps reduce anxiety in kids? A routine. Structure is important for human mental health. Having a routine helps us to prepare mentally for what is coming next. It also gives us a sense of control. Plus you feel more productive when you can carry out your routine daily. Did I mention more organized? Use a daily planner to help keep your routine in shape.

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11 – Printable Wall Art

Who doesn’t need daily inspiration? Simply looking at encouraging and inspiring artwork or words can do wonders to naturally reduce stress. Looking at affirmations to speak goodness into your heart builds self-esteem. Reading Biblical truth that is on your wall emits power in your home. Looking at a beautiful piece of art helps you to escape reality for just a minute.

12 – Finance Journal Step-by-Step Guide

Managing money is the top stress trigger. We all face it at some point in our lives, everyone has a season. Everyone. Using a budget is by far the best way to understand your money management situation. We’re all adults and we need to take responsibility for our lives and for our future for that matter. Have a plan. Download a finance journal form and fill in it. This is a small action that has huge benefits. When you understand what’s going out and what’s coming in, you can then be at rest and start to plan how to move forward.

13 – Diet

What I’m talking about is sugar. Sugar was my number one weakness, and I was stressed…not to mention overweight. Sugar causes all sorts of issues in our bodies: diabetes, weight gain, stress, tooth decay, yo-yo energy levels, it slows growth, can cause skin issues, digestive distress, and inflammation to name a few! Like any drug, sugar can be addicting.

Other addicting additives include MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup. In the long run of consuming these substances, our bodies get tired of trying to process them and we gain weight. On top of the weight gain, we also carry around inflammation which could lead to disease down the road. Take it from someone who has been there and done that. It’s just not worth the 5 seconds of tasting good.

When I adjusted my intake of the sweet stuff I finally understood the ‘less is more’ philosophy. My taste buds became more content with fewer sweets and my body was happier a.k.a. less inflammation and less stress! This is a super cost-effective way to reduce stress and lose weight. Choose water to drink, check the label on products, and look for high fructose corn syrup, msg, and sugar. Simply pay attention to what you’re consuming.

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Wrapping up natural stress relief products

I hope that when you feel stress coming on first try a natural approach. Experiment with one of the tactics I mention and find what natural stress relief products work for who you are. Do yourself a favor and take care of your mind and body in a natural way. You will have more control and a sense of peace knowing that you’re not dependent on medication, drugs, or food.

*This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your physician before jumping into new things. This article is for information purposes only.  

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