Dress-up Not Just for Kids: 5 Benefits to Play Dress-up

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As a child, one of my favorite activities was to play dress-up. Dressing up doesn’t just pertain to Halloween costumes. As an adult dress-up plays a big role in our overall success, did you know that? Have you ever tried mowing the lawn in a business suit? How about swimming in blue jeans? I’ll give you the top 5 benefits of dress-up for both kids and adults and why you should think about what to wear.

boy and girl playing dress-up

My recent dress-up play

One of my dreams as a kid was to have a Little House on the Prairie kind of life. Wearing the clothes and doing basic chores in them sounded so fun to me. I know that might sound silly, but those dresses were so pretty and full! At the time I wrote this post, I lived in a suburb with a small yard. My neighbors were about 12 feet away on both sides of our house, but we still had a garden.

After a fried day to the brain, I wanted to do something different to spark my imagination and escape the 21st Century so-to-speak. I wanted to play dress-up. To the bottom of my dresser drawer, I went and pulled my big long skirt out. This skirt wasn’t a prairie skirt as I have dreams but it was as close to one as I could get without spending money. It was dark teal with scattered blue sequents, and lime green lace and ribbon. My imagination had to work hard for it to be what Ma wore in Little House on the Prairie.

Dress-up gone wrong!

I slipped on the skirt and headed to the garden to do chores. It was fun walking to the garden, but gardening in this thing was not what I imagined. The garden was full of weeds and I only had a short amount of time before I had to get my son from school. In other words, my ‘playtime’ immediately went to ‘work time’.

working in garden

In case you didn’t know, wearing a long skirt while gardening is not the smartest move. I don’t know how they did it in those days, but it was pure misery. Weeds poked my bum and little bugs crawled up my legs! Needless to say, I didn’t want to get my fun skirt dirty. My escape to Walnut Grove turned into a stress ball. Back to the house I stomped, I even stepped on my skirt and about pulled it off. Arg! I threw my fun skirt on the floor and pulled on my garden pants. Back to the garden I went, sat down in the dirt, and weeded the rest of the garden in half the time.

What I learned

What I learned from my dress-up play is that I needed to decide if I wanted to play or work. If it’s to play, “practical” is not invited. But if it’s to work, you gotta adjust your attire and put functionality to use.

As soon as I changed into the pants I don’t care about, the garden was weeded efficiently and quickly without any bug interruptions! All in all dressing the part will give you a leg up on the performance end.

Top 5 Benefits of Dress-up

1. Builds Confidence

Confidence. We all want it, we all need it. Why? Because people are depending on us to make things happen. Things usually don’t happen unless we have confidence in doing the task at hand. Playing dress-up permits us to move forward and boosts our confidence in looking the part.

The more confident you feel in your clothes

the more you’ll achieve.

For instance; dressing the part tells your mind to do that specific activity well. If I’m mowing the lawn in my work suit, I’m going to hurry up and do a bad job because I don’t want my suit to smell like mower exhaust. And if I’m swimming in jeans…let’s just say I would probably drown. I know these are off-the-wall examples, but I’ve seen people do them. Not only did they look miserable, but the guy mowing the lawn looked out of place. To read more about confidence, check out this post: 5 Easy Ways to Build Courage & Confidence.

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2. Improves Brain Function

Dressing the part or playing dress-up engages our mind and triggers our memory. If we saw a coworker do an epic presentation and noticed their outfit, we too want that feeling of awesomeness when we do our presentation, so what do we do? We dress up as they did.

If we saw our mom make an amazing meal while wearing an apron, we too would want to wear an apron. How about Dad working in the yard with his work gloves and ballcap?

Wearing clothes that correlate to the job we’re trying to perform, puts us in the mode of doing a good job in that particular role. It gives us more confidence and freedom to act the part out, hence stimulating our brains to think as they do. When we dress like the character, we start to think like the character.

You can have anything in want in life if you dress for it. Edith Head quote

3. Fake it til you make it.

Dressing the part permits you to be that person. Have you heard the saying, “Fake it til you make it?” Sure you have! And you have every right to do so. You’ll learn more and more about that role until you know how to do it. Especially so if you are around people in that particular role.

4. Challenges your skills

What does a uniform say? It says I’m an expert, I have the answers. When you, let’s say, start a new job or you go to a trade show, your company wants you to wear their logo. They are asking you to represent them, which says you need to know the answers. Another example is at the store. You have a question, who do you seek for answers? Someone in uniform. When you wear the vest or logo, you have a responsibility if you want a paycheck. Dressing the part challenges you to learn as much as possible to answer questions. In return, knowing the answers makes your job a lot more fun and rewarding. It becomes easy and builds confidence.

5. It’s fun.

Putting some fun in your work can start in your closet or accessories drawer. Wearing fun bracelets, rings, or scarves does make a difference in enjoyment. Even nail polish can lift our moods. Dressing the part or playing dress-up is fun! When you have pep-in-your-step you’re happier, more productive, and people notice.

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Isn’t just for kids

Playing dress-up isn’t just for kids, or for Halloween, adults will benefit from it too. We don’t have to dress up in our old prom dress or as a frontier woman to reap the benefits of dress-up, we can make subtle additions that can have a magical impact.

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Subtle dress-up ideas:

  • Wear a fun apron when you cook or even clean. The apron gives you confidence in making a mess! Who cares if you wipe flour on your apron or splash cleaner on it, it’s an apron! It’s simply doing its job. Check out this super cute apron.
  • When working outside wear work gloves and “garden pants”.
  • Working-out? Dress for success. Pitch the cut-off sweats and homemade tanks, and pull on the performance wear.
  • Home from work? Immediately change out of your work clothes into something more relaxed.
  • Dress for the weather…need I say more?

All in all

May you get the most out of your outfits. Dress for any occasion, you will have more fun, you’ll feel better, have more confidence, and you might learn a thing or two.

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