10 Free Things to do on Thanksgiving Weekend

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Thanksgiving activities can be more than shopping, tree trimming, football, and food! There are loads of Thanksgiving activities can we do…for FREE! Let’s dive into 10 free activities you can do with your family. I personally love #6. Make this Thanksgiving memorial and fun!

10 free things to do on thanksgiving weekend

1. Tell Jokes

Jokes can be pretty corny…get it…corny on Thanksgiving! See what I mean? Nothing gets the Thanksgiving table rolling or moaning other than a joke or two. Jokes for kids are great because they’ll probably understand it and join in on the laughs. Need some jokes? Download my Lunchbox Note Jokes! You can cut these up and put them in a hat, then pass them around the table.

2. Write out the things you’re thankful for

Take the time to write out all the things you are thankful for over this year. I know this sounds boring, but it will really help improve your mood and the room. For example, this year our family did a lot of camping. In years past, we would not have done that if it wasn’t for the pandemic, so I am very thankful for all the camping we did this Summer and Fall.  At your meal with your family, go around the table and read some things off the list.

3. What’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving weekend?

Ask your family members what they like best about the Thanksgiving weekend, is it eating turkey and napping? Christmas shopping? Watching football? Playing football? Decorating for Christmas? So on and so forth. THEN, make those things happen for them in a safe (germ conscience) way; for instance, shop online together instead of going to the store (this one might not be free). Remember everyone enjoys Thanksgiving a little differently, it’s not all about you.

4. Do a little history lesson

Reflect on the first Thanksgiving. Get back to your roots and read about how Thanksgiving came to be. Research together online and have everyone find some fun facts. The History.com site is a good place to start (minus the ads). For kids, check out Kids.NationalGeographic.com. For some Thanksgiving fun facts, Goodhousekeeping.com has a great list of 25 facts. It would be fun to talk about these during dinner or dessert!

5. Movie time!

Pop some popcorn and turn on the movies! Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to kick back and have family movie time. Write down some of your favorite flicks on scraps of paper, put them all in a hat, and have someone pull one out.

6. Bring on the games

Play charades using the Thanksgiving theme. Or bust out the board games. Depending on the age of your kids, embark on The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Challenge this is perfect for tweens! I have a post where you can download the scavenger hunt challenge. It’s super fun for the entire family!

7. Turkey Trot

Do your own Turkey Trot. Lace up the running shoes and head outside. Make a common goal, like let’s go three miles. Make your gobble call and get running! Or walk. If you have little kids, simply go for a walk and play I Spy.

8. Bonfire!

Build a bonfire! In fact, the Thanksgiving fun facts would be fun to talk about around the fire.

9. Declutter. Thanksgiving Activities?

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, while you’re digging out the Christmas decorations, declutter some closets to make room for gifts! This is a wonderful time to declutter and drop donations off at the local donation center. Here’s a post to help you out on how to simplify your stuff! You can find it here.

Simplifying advice

10. Crafts anyone?

Feeling crafty? Here is a super fun Thanksgiving activity for little ones. There are 40 ideas over at CountryLiving.com that you may want to check out.

I know that some of these free ideas are obvious, however, we all need a little remembering of what we can do. Let’s make the best of this Thanksgiving by doing what we can! What’s even better is that you saved a lot of money and miles on the car.

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