Corn on the Cob Song Fun

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Corn on the cob. A vegetable that gives you a rich buttery taste and a little crunch. Who doesn’t enjoy this golden treat? It’s so delicious and versatile! Why not sing a song about it? This song was a fun mom-and-son activity I did years ago. It’s been hanging out on YouTube, I’m just sharing our corny creation with you. Let’s face it, when it’s corn on the cob season, we all get a little corny! May you be inspired to write your jingles. Simple, clean, happy fun!

corn on the cob song fun

A MUST for road trips

When you think of a road trip do you think of singing family songs like She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain or I’ve Been Working On the Railroad? Well, you’re in luck with a new song to add to your road trip mix or the dinner table. When you’re driving through Iowa, Illinois, or Nebraska bust out the vocal cords. In honor of being the states that grow the most corn, this song should be the national corn song of America!

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The song write

I created this jingle back in 2013 while driving along a road in Michigan lined with cornfields. My son was five years old and we had a ball singing this song. The song talks about how it grows, what uses corn has, and more. Super kid-friendly and corny.

After the song was written, it was just too good to keep to ourselves; so my niece, son, and I created a music video and put it up on YouTube. With over 25,000 views…not too shabby for a corny jingle…I still enjoy singing the song during the corn on the cob season.

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Please note!

This amazing song can get stuck in your head, kids love the video and they will want you to play it over and over again, and you’ll always think of this song when you eat corn on the cob. Enjoy!

Corn, Corn, Corn on the cob!

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