How to Brighten A Room Under $60: 8 Amazing Tips!

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Learn how to brighten a room for under $60. For most people, your home or office is where you spend the majority of your time. So it’s important that the room you spend a lot of time in makes you feel good. If you want to be a happier person, take a look around and brighten the room! I’ve got 8 great tips you can do today to transform a room for under $60.

How to brighten a room under $60

The key to making these powerful yet simple suggestions work within a $60 budget or less is to do it yourself. There is greatness in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects. For one, it helps your mind work more creatively. You simply have to pay better attention to what you’re doing, which makes your brain work a little harder and smarter. The second benefit to DIY is that it builds confidence. If you can make something happen with your hands and skills, it magically gives you more self-esteem! And the third plus with DIY is personal gratification. It’s okay to say “I did that!” When you transform a room, an object, or a landscape with a little sweat and hands-on, you’ll instantly feel fulfillment! We all need a bit of that in our everyday life.

Let’s get to work and make a space more cheerful! For where there is light, darkness can’t reside.

8 Amazing Tips on How to Brighten a Room

1 Clean up

First things first, clean up. Sure you can pay for a cleaning service to clean your house, but it can get pretty pricy. When you clean your own home, you not only get instant gratification, but you also get a workout! You might also find some things you misplaced, and you may even find money in the couch, pant pockets, or laundry. Do yourself a favor and take charge of your living space by cleaning it yourself. Cleaning the House: 5 Factors to Understand

2 Open the shades

Draw back the curtains. Natural light is healing to the soul. It improves your mood, helps your natural clock sync with nature, it helps you be more productive, and natural light even helps us focus. And the beauty of this tip is that it’s $0.00.

What if you don’t have a window? A great tip on how to brighten a room without a window is to get a nice-sized mirror. Its reflections mimic a window feel and make the room feel bigger than it is. A large mirror will go beyond our budget, so you must plan when you can go out and shop. Look for sales, and smaller mirrors, head to the hobby store, or check out secondhand shops.

3 Buy yourself some flowers.

This doesn’t need to be a $40 bouquet. There are great flower deals at ALDI’s, Trader Joe’s, and even Costco. Don’t forget about your local roadside flower stands! You can get some amazing flowers for under $10. Why flowers? Flowers can help you know how to brighten a room in a pinch. They bring bright colors or softness into your home. A vase of flowers is welcoming and a lovely centerpiece. Grab an old mason jar and arrange a little sunshine for your kitchen island or end table. $7.

4 String lights

4 String lights aren’t just for Christmas. String lights bring light to the darkness. How to brighten a room without windows? You got it, string lights! They look kind of like fireflies! String lights are inexpensive for what they do. You can get your standard Christmas lights for around $12, if you purchase after Christmas you can get some amazing deals! I like to string them in a faux tree or along the fireplace mantel. You can also decorate around a window, line them vertically on a wall, or outline them along the ceiling! There are endless options for string lights. There are of course the LED moving lights, those are fun, but they are not what I am talking about. I’m talking about the standard simple Christmas tree lights. You can get them in white too! $12.

faux fern
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5 Get some greens

Add some plants or faux greens. Putting a touch of green in your room brings the outdoors in. Even if it isn’t a real plant, there is something about green leaves that presents freshness and peace in a room. Plants can lower stress and anxiety, they can boost healing and energy levels, and plants can improve your mood. When it comes to indoor plants I struggle at times to give them what they need to thrive. So I simply head to a hobby shop and buy faux plants. I particularly wait until they are on sale. But if you can’t wait for sales, you can get some great faux ferns or pine boughs for under $14.

6 Paint!

There’s nothing better than a coat of fresh paint. When some people think of cheerful colors they might pick red, yellow, orange, or purple. But in all honesty, simply go with white. If you want to know how to brighten a room with paint, especially without out windows, choose white! White is a canvas that anything goes with. If you like to change your mind about decorating, paint with white. White flows with the seasons and gives you a sense of cleanliness, freshness, and peace. If you need another color paint one wall with an accent color. Painting can be a bit more expensive, so it depends on the size of the room and the type of paint you buy. Let’s say 1 gallon of paint is $20. When you DIY, you’re saving even more money and honing in on a skill!

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7 Add some tunes

Music is a great way to set the tone of a room. Play some music that will lift you up! Find your go-to tunes that will bring peace and calm to your heart. Music is essentially free if you have a radio. I know that’s old school, but it’s free. There are, of course, Spotify, iTunes, Sirius XM, and other music subscriptions, but when it comes to managing money know what subscriptions you have!

8 Wall prints

Need some simple yet powerful wall art? Head to Etsy and download some awesome wall prints. There is nothing more powerful than the Word of God. Displaying His truths sets the tone. When something feels off in your day, speak the Sword of the Spirit and command the darkness to flee in Jesus’ name! Seeing His promises daily helps you live out His promises, not to mention, memorize them. Just knowing His presence is with you is power and encouragement in itself. Why not display it on your walls? You can easily download scripture art or other prints off Etsy for about $2.50. Dig out an old frame from your closet and you’re good to go!

good will happen today

Let’s see how we did:

Cleaning – $0.00
Open the shades – $0.00
Flowers – $7.00
String Lights – $12.00
Faux plant – $14.00
Paint – $20.00
Music – $0.00
Wall prints – $2.50

GRAND TOTAL = $55.50

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In conclusion, how to brighten a room

How to brighten a room can be done for less than $60. It’s a fun transformation that you can do in a day. And when you carry out the do-it-yourself mojo anything is possible and so gratifying, not to mention money-saving! Try these simple tips today and lift up your well-being in a bright and beautiful space.

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