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Simple Happy Wellness Strategies Overview

Ready to feel better?

Simple Happy Wellness Strategies EBook

Just 6 strategies and a little bit of Jesus to change your life. Seriously.

If you want to feel better, be happy, and move forward in life, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get you balanced and find your ‘happy size’ in a simple and lasting way. Renew your body, mind, heart, and spiritual life. See the table of contents below.

Just imagine how it would feel if we…


  • had the load of weight we’ve been hanging onto lifted off our shoulders!
  • lost weight and kept it OFF…for YEARS!
  • could identify our triggers and manage them with a system.
  • built a strong relationship with Jesus.
  • became true to ourselves and stop living according to others’ expectations.
  • got to the core of what’s holding us back in life and could finally move forward.
  • had a successful strategy for snacking without feeling deprived or guilty.
  • had more energy.
  • didn’t base self-worth on a number.
  • made decisions with confidence.
  • had your resources all in one spot.
  • could eat anything we wanted without gaining weight.
  • loved ourselves.

“Christy was a great coach.  She helped to pull out of me the true issues I was struggling with.  After identifying the issues she guided me through a process to come up with solutions to overcome these issues.  In just a month I was back on track with a clear path to follow.  I would recommend Christy as a coach to anyone.” – Edith

I know what it feels to feel crummy, to feel disconnected, and down n out; not to mention, to be 5 sizes too big. In 1993 I was 40 pounds overweight. My attitude pretty much was buried in French Silk Pie. I was unmotivated, felt trapped, and my identity was changing into someone I didn’t like, all because of my size…at least that’s what I thought. Temptations prowled around me and when I went on a diet I got burned-out after a week sinking me in a further hole. I was stuck in a cycle. I didn’t want to live this way anymore. The game gamer was when people started to call me names. Seriously? So I prayed.

My eyes became cleared and I removed myself from the environment. Yep. I got up and left. You could say I was doing an experiment. After I moved, within six months, I lost all the weight by using my simple action steps and uncovered what really was the source. I simply needed to step back to see where I was and to see where I wanted to go.

After the freedom of weight loss and building my wellness, I was determined to find a way to keep things in check. Hence, the book. 

Christy is passionate about wellness. All her life she has had the drive to understand how to take care of her body, mind, and spirit. Not only does Christy know how to lose weight and manage it thereafter, but she nurtures her mental wellbeing, and cultivates her spiritual walk with Jesus. She is a certified weight management and nutrition consultant. Christy is also a certified Life Coach and Life Breakthrough Coach. She loves the outdoors and enjoys camping with her family.

simple Happy Wellness Strategies Book on deck

This is available as a digital ebook or physical book! It includes:

  • printable resources
  • all the action steps
  • coaching
  • encouragement
  • your breakthrough

This is your new start we’re talking about! You don’t have to make drastic changes. You just have to pay attention. When I found my rhythm, nothing was going to stop me. Seek and you shall find!  

$75 value, yours for $5.99!

What’s Inside!

With Simple Happy Wellness Strategies you’ll find that you can go at your own pace, slow is GOOD! The action steps are simple to implement and, honestly, it won’t feel like much change with my gradual approach. In other words, you’ll make subtle changes that won’t make you crash and burn.

In this easy to read book you’ll find stories, fun worksheets, ‘ah-ha’ moments, and valuable resources. You’ll get amazing tips and effective tools to help you succeed in mind, body, and goals. You got this! I guarantee you’ll learn something new. In fact, you can incorporate a lot things in this book into your family’s wellness. Don’t delay any longer, get on the wellness train starting today!

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$75 value, yours for $5.99!

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