Private Coaching Session


The Private Coaching experience is incredibly powerful. Sessions are 35 minutes. During our coaching time together you will find clarity, encouragement, and a strategy for your goals.


What coaching is: Coaching fills “the gap”. It’s the bridge from point A to B. You can see where you want to go, but getting there looks foggy. As a coach, we walk with you to point B, we help you see clearer, and achieve your goals. Simply put, coaching is a tool to get to “I did it!”.

The Private Coaching experience is incredibly powerful. With our coaching we connect 1:1 via phone or video conference. Sessions start at 35 minutes. In our time together we not only use tools that have been used since 1984 on millions worldwide, but we use our own success-producing strategies.

Christy has guided people through wellness and weight loss, work projects, clutter chaos, finding fun again, and life purpose.

Mark is our Business Coach and Personal Money Coach. He focuses on budgeting, debt reduction, generosity, and business management.

Please know our coaching is confidential and abides by the ICF Code of Ethics (International Coaching Federation).

Sign up today and someone will contact you within 24 hours (Monday – Friday) to get something on the calendar.

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