My answer to weight loss; 5 questions you won’t want to miss.

My answer to weight loss; 5 questions you won’t want to miss.

To be successful with weight loss and the management thereafter, it’s going to take time. But woman in desertlisten up. It’s totally worth it; there’s more to weight loss than weight. In 1992 I was 20 pounds overweight. I wanted to lose the weight, but all the things I was trying weren’t working. If my mind projected a picture you would have seen a desert. No landmarks, no sense of direction, no color, no contrast. I was thirsty.

What gave me a drink was an Indiana Hoosier Basketball game. At the time, I was freshman at a small private college. The first month was okay, but as months ticked by and the newness wore off, the weight inched on. This college was more clicky than high school, and I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I wanted to be happy, to find me, to be free. Please help me Lord.

My roommates and I were watching TV in the common area when the basketball game came on. It wasn’t like I’d never seen a Hoosier basketball game, my dad is a big fan. But it was something a roommate said that stirred my core, “I’d love to go to Indiana.” I looked at her as she watched the game and asked, “Why don’t you?” She responded, “Because I don’t know anyone and I don’t think I can get in.”

Her answer triggered something inside me. You’re letting the fear of not knowing, stop you? It was as if I was asking myself that question. As I watched the game and the excited fans…I began to want to be a part of that picture. I wanted that large university experience.

So I asked myself a question: what was I going to gain if I didn’t try?

In fall of ’93, I was officially an Indiana University student. I was in a new setting, with new people, and new goals. PLUS I had season basketball tickets! I did it. It wasn’t easy, but it was a game changer. And you know what happened? I lost the 20+ pounds within 6 months; all because I looked at my thought process first. On the surface I wanted to lose weight; but deep down I wanted to explore who I was and be true to myself. And when that was put into motion, the weight naturally came off.

Are you asking yourself the right question/s before you start your weight loss plan? Do you have a picture of what you want to be a part of?

To the core:

Which leads me to the core: it’s not what we’re eating or doing, it’s what we’re thinking. It’s not the weight on our bodies that give us frustration; it’s the weight we carry around in our minds that trip us up.

First off, I’m not going to tell you how to lose weight; you’re going to do that. Why? Because I want YOU to see results in more areas than one. I want you to live in harmony with your body, mind, and heart for the rest of your life…not just swimsuit season. And only YOU can make that happen, not someone telling you what to do.**

My secret to weight loss starts with W: 5 questions you’ll want to answer.

1: What is your WHY? Why do you want to lose the weight? I’m not talking surface answers here. woman sitting looking in distancePeal that off, look under that. WHY?

2: What are you WRESTLING with? What’s blocking you from making this happen? What are you carrying around with you? Stress? A belief? Fear? Identity crisis? Loneliness?

3: What is your WAY? In other words, what method works for YOU to reach your weight goals? What are you going to do EACH WEEK to make this happen?

4: What will you WIN? By reaching your goal, what is it going to do for you? Freedom? Confidence? More energy? More outgoing? Motivation? Purpose?

5: What is it WORTH?

I’m happy to say I’ve kept the weight off ever since my Indiana days; even after having a baby and going through steroid treatment for an ailment. I have managed the weight; not the other way around.

If you’re having trouble answering those 5 questions or want to dig deeper, I would love to walk with you and discover things you might have not known. You may find the desert is only a mirage. There is no better feeling than saying, “I finally figured it out.”

As a life coach, I help clients get vision, create their own methods, and their own personal agendas to reach their own goals and ultimately do more than exist. Send me an e-mail if you have questions, are curious, or have comments.

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**Disclaimer: We’re all built and made differently. Our bodies are packed with hormones, chemicals, conditions, bacteria, emotions, blood types, diseases…what else…oh yeah and crap (to say politely). No BODY is the same.

Weight Management: 5 Effective Habits to Start Today

Weight Management: 5 Effective Habits to Start Today

Most weight loss articles start with telling us to join a gym, abandon the junk food, or eat this special diet. I’m here to tell you weight loss has little to do with those things. WHAT?!

This weight loss crap is a mind game, not a battle with an elliptical machine, sports bra, or rice cake! If you REALLY want to lose weight and keep it off, start with your mind.

My story starts in 1992. I was 30 pounds over what I wanted to weigh. In 1993 I decided to lose my excess weight. AND 24 years later I have chosen to keep if off…even through an extensive time on Prednisone, through depression, and, yes, pregnancy. So how did I do it? I made a few small adjustments in my life style.

As a certified Weight Management Consultant, here are 5 effective habits that got me there and kept me there.

1    I made a decision to not be overweight again. My excess weight affected how I made choices. My weight was not going to make my decisions ANYMORE

2.   I kept a food journal. I wrote down what I ate and drank, including candy, for three weeks. To this day I keep my food journal in my head. VERY EFFECTIVE!

3.   I drank water. Water cleans out our bodies from the inside out. Drink your body weight divided by 2 in ounces. Let’s say you’re 150#. 150/2=75 your daily goal is to drink 75 oz of water. Any other beverage (except black coffee) is a treat.

4.   I watched my portions. Your mind will mess with your stomach making you think you are still hungry when you’re not. STOP! Drink your water. Teach your brain to savor every bite. Remove your plate from the table. Just stop. Think of it this way: smaller meal portions = room for a special treat. Don’t deprive yourself. Just limit yourself.

5.    I walked. OUTSIDE. It’s better for your knees, mind, and soul. Find a place where you can walk safely any time of year. Drive there. I do! That’s your gym.

In closing, I rarely weighed myself on a scale, only on doctor visits. I ate more natural and organic foods which is a whole different blog post. If I had a bad day, I’d start the next day with a clean slate. Remember this is a mind game, you can choose what to eat, when to eat, and when to stop. When in doubt, drink water.

Most importantly, make these changes to keep the weight off. If you are challenged with a metabolic condition, medicine side affect, or a major health issue, consult with your physician. Remember every BODY is different. Experiment what works for you. Be patient. Be consistent. Be safe. Make a choice. Enroll in My Wellness Way to get started!

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Running CAN Change the World

Running CAN Change the World

It was the first day of track practice. I was a freshman in high school. This year I was going to run the 800 meter. But today I was in for a surprise I would carry for years to come.

My track coach guided us to dirt trails in the woods behind the school. He said, “Ok guys, we’re going to do the three mile loop before we practice on the track.” I looked at my friend with wide eyes and whispered, “I’m a sprinter. I’m not sure I can do this.” My stomach fluttered. I took a deep breath. My coach instructed, “Pace yourself.” I had no idea what he meant.

That day was the start of a new habit I would use and apply to my personal life, work, and spiritual arena. Who knew running would be so beneficial for not only the body, but for the mind. I was definitely tired that day, but more so I was amazed that I was actually running long distance!


My self-doubt turned into self-confidence. As I practiced long distance running more and more I began to feel it change me. It changed not just my physique, but how I thought. I learned how to think about nothing; yet also how to think and solve problems. I learned how to take notice of nature. I learned how to think creatively. And I learned how running can make me go further in life. I gained more confidence in school, I thought clearer, and I had more courage… all because of running.

Just knowing I had an outlet (running) for hard days, was comforting. I knew that running may not solve all my problems, but it would get my blood flowing and mind working on how to understand my challenges.

My Pastor preached awhile ago about how we can help the world. He mentioned during his message that he was a runner and how much he depended on his runs. He said running helped clear his mind and solve problems. I could relate.

But he said something I disagreed with. Nonchalantly he slipped in there, “Running doesn’t help the world”. Well that caught my attention and I wasn’t going to let that fly. That afternoon I e-mailed him and said, “Pastor, you say a lot of things that are right, but today you got something a little wrong… about running. It may not be the activity that helps the world, but it’s what the activity does for the person who can change the world.”

Outdoor activities like running, cycling, walking, hiking, even gardening do more than you think. Keep at it, you’ll change the world.

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